YÜLI’s Next Act: Gentlerist, First Impressions

The next chapter for cult green beauty brand YÜLI, Gentlerist unveiled a tightly edited launch collection of core essentials primed as foundational products streamlined and updated from their offerings at YÜLI:

  • The essential cleanser: HALCYON, an update on their holy grail HALCYON CLEANSER, with green technology infused actives in an organic botanical gel cleanser formulated with rose water, bamboo, green tea, sweet olive flower, and plant amino acids.
  • The category-defining face mist: COCOON DEW, an amalgamation of their three classic elixirs that combine hydration, anti-aging and skin soothing into one powerful mist filled with probiotics, biomimetic moisture factors, and soothing flower waters.
  • The super-serum: AMBROSIA BEAUTY NECTAR, conceived as a Swiss Army knife daily super serum that tackles daily skin aging. The Gentlerist iteration dials up the hyaluronic acid factor up a notch from 18 to 20+, adds another pharmaceutical-grade antioxidant with pronounced synergy on environmental defense, and incorporates super fruit peptides for even more soothing, and healing hydration.
  • The ultimate face oil: GOLD DROPS, a fusion of their multivitamin face oil, M.E. Skin Fuel, antioxidant oil, Liquid Courage, and anti-aging, Modern Alchemist, Gold Drops is as it close as it comes to liquid gold for the skin. Super lightweight, yet ultra high nutritional viability, with bio-intelligent plant carrier oils chosen for their bioidentical lipid profile to quickly (snap of the fingers) absorb into the skin. 

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