Products We Finished: Fall 2017

Products We Finished is our new seasonal feature of the products… we finished. Our team gets new products in on a daily basis and to avoid cycling through them, we thought of adding feature to serve as a roundtable. We’ll be bringing on a guest for these roundtables as well to add even more perspectives to these roundtables. Given the…


The Beauty Chef GLOW Inner Beauty Powder REVIEW

Nutraceutical powders have been all the rage lately and the appeal is evident: through the premise of delivering beauty from within, these powders achieve specialized holistic benefits through the use of concentrated superfoods that work like vitamins. The Beauty Chef, by Carla Oates, is an Australian line that is one of the pioneers of this movement and her Glow Inner Beauty Powder…


Talking Supplements: What We’re Taking

When it comes to approaching self-care and wellness, sharing supplement recommendations has always felt decidedly more personal than sharing a favorite skincare product. For me, it’s because while skincare products can be tested and take place superficially, supplements are more intensive in that they must be consumed. The experience is also more personal, requiring an investment of time, resources and…


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