The final installment of our ASK THE PROS: 2016 Beauty Faves – we present to you Jade of Nephriticus!

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m asking the beauty experts – the ladies behind some of my favorite beauty blogs to share their beauty wisdom on their favorite products that they’ve been using this year. So if you’ve ever read through beauty sites and thought “but what are they REALLY using that they can’t live without
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Here are my top 5 products in no particular order:
    • de Mamiel Exhale Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30: The scent is heavenly and the texture is super plush and easily spreadable, making it perfect as a primer before makeup with added sunscreen benefits. I like to think it’s three products (primer, tinted moisturizer, sunscreen) in one to justify the price.


    • Strange Invisible Body Lotion: This is seriously the best body moisturizer I’ve used. While all of the other body oils and lotions I’ve tried (Osmia, Lina Hanson, Acure, to name a few) have been nice and have felt moisturizing after application, my legs felt parched and scaly the morning after. With this one, I stay moisturized from one night shower to another. The scents are beautiful as well.


    • 100% Green Tea Water Bomb Mask: I love using these masks with my sister and my mom for a boost of hydration, whether in humid China or in dry California. They are so cooling, refreshing, and relaxing–my mom and sister have fallen asleep while wearing them. We like to wear them for an hour at a time and can even re-use them 2-3 times before they significantly thin out and lose moisture/ Since the temperature of my face tends to run hot, I appreciate the cooling sensation.


    • YULI Cell Perfecto PM: This is not only a 2016 favorite, but an ultimate favorite. I recently re-introduced this scar-healing oil into my routine, and I am again so pleased with how it not only fades red marks left over by newer pimples but also heals deep-set pits left over by more monstrous pimples.


  • YULI Pure Mask: Mixing this with water results in this perfect, silken texture that makes me feel like this mask was so expertly formulated. I feel like it’s a wonderful Goldilocks mask for my acneic skin: it’s clay-based so it draws out pimples but it also has a lot of calming ingredients, so existing pimples decrease in size after application.


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