The Hand Savior: a Moment for CHANEL La Crème Main Hand Cream

The hand cream to end all hand creams…

Chanel is renowned for classic luxury. Their iconic 2.55 handbag to the quintessential No. 5 perfume rule their categories. It’s no surprise that Chanel’s La Crème Main Hand Cream was one of the most anticipated beauty launches of 2017 and has become an instant classic.

The minimal yet futuristic egg shaped design is equal parts functional and chic-as-fuck. To apply, remove the cap and squeeze the body to dispense the product from a circular cut-out at the tip. This innovative design prevents leakage and messes, which keeps the bottle looking pristine.

CHANEL La Crème Main Hand Cream touts anti-aging benefits from brightening skin, fading age spots to toning, firming and yes – moisturizing hands. A blend of skin quenching shea butter, humectant glycerine and hydration superstar hyaluronic acid provide genuine intensive moisture and protection. Iris Pallida Extract brightens skin and helps to improve the appearance of sun damage and age spots. May Rose Wax creates a protective veil that locks in moisture.

The scent is subtle and pristine. But did anyone think otherwise for a Chanel product? I’d describe it as a delicate light floral that contains rose sourced from Chanel’s exclusive flower gardens in Provence. However, as someone who doesn’t like synthetic or cloying scents, I can say with full confidence that this is light and subdued enough that it won’t offend the senses.

The rich yet silky cream sinks into skin instantly with a grease-less effortless ease. As a result, hands receive immediate comfort and relief. My hands instantly looked and felt like what I imagine a pampered Fifth Avenue lady’s hands would look like.

In one of the most aggressive winters on record, this cream has withstood freezing temperatures, unrelenting winds, and humidity sapping climates. Despite it’s power, this would work well at any time and for any one. The innovative applicator and delightful formula makes Chanel’s La Crème Main a hand cream you’ll actually remember to use, which makes all the difference.

Chanel Le Crème Main Hand Cream is available at Nordstrom ($50)

Photography: GW Team


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