The weekend is drawing to an end and I’m taking it easy after a rigorous Yoga class that’s left me pretty achy. I had the idea of using a nice face mask which led me to writing this post. The Mineral Cleansing Mask by African Botanics is good for all skin types. So whether you have sensitive, mature, oily or dry skin I’m sure you will benefit from using this. My nose easily becomes congested yet my skin is also dry/sensitive. This is a winner for me as my skin feels softer, brighter and cleaner after using this. The texture is wonderfully smooth with a rich, light grey colour. There’s a multitude of minerals to nourish and refresh the skin which includes iron, zinc, copper and magnesium. As with all face masks I wish this could somehow stay wet on the face but I think that’s wishful thinking. African Botonicals is an all natural brand that utilises Marula Oil throughout the range. The products I’ve tried so far have wowed me in every way and the people behind the brand happen to be absolutely lovely.

My other reviews from this brand are here and here. My boyfriend has sensitive skin that is prone to psoriasis which can flare up at any given time. He says the Neroli infused Marula Oil clears up his psoriasis and prevents future breakout. Anyone who has this skin condition will no doubt agree that this is a god send. Once this is posted online I plan to kick back and have my very own marula moment using my fav face mask.

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