The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG and Youth to the People Superfood Eye Cream REVIEW: The Essential Eye Duo

It’s winter, the time when no amount of moisture seems to be enough. And this is especially true for eye product as the thin, delicate area around the eyes are the only part of the face without its own oil glands, meaning it has heightened vulnerability to dryness and just overall depletion.

Rather than one eye product, it really is better to view the eye area with the same lens as the face — one good ‘serum’ followed by a good ‘moisture cream’ to really give it both the actives it needs and the barrier support which really do come from two different products since actives need to penetrate while barrier support means the product has to live primarily at the surface.

For serum, The Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution 5% +EGCG is a dazzling value proposition at under $7 USD, with high-grade antioxidant EGCG that turnover fatigue and depletion and Caffeine in an effective 5% concentration that is particularly beneficial for the undereye area as it is shown to reduce puffiness, brighten dark circles, minimize wrinkles, and calm inflammation. With a nice gel texture, this absorbs quickly and gets to work immediately As a serum for the eye area, there really isn’t anything this well-packaged serum lacks.

But you need a moisture cream to give the eye area that barrier support and nourishment that it can’t really naturally produce. That is where Youth to the People’s Superfood Eye Cream comes in with its lush creaminess that is immediately quenching and nourishing. It provides immediate gratification from emollient superfoods like sunflower, aloe vera, kale. The cream has a good bounciness and is easy to apply as there is a good slip that won’t pull/tug the skin. The combination of hyaluronic acid and peptides plump and boost collagen on the more superficial layers of skin which pairs nicely with the serum so your eye area receives complimentary and comprehensive support.


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