Weekend Skincare Regimen: Jan/Feb 2018

Weekend update… skincare regimen for winter My skin gets pretty high maintenance during the cold winter months. I switch up products every day based on how my skin is feeling. Too dull and lackluster? Glossier Super Glow to the rescue. Too parched? Aesop Blue Chamomile Facial Hydration Masque will do the trick. I treat my skincare regimen like my wardrobe, adapted for…


Golden Globes: Celebrity Skin Prep

It used to be that we’d look at the celebrities on the red carpet and wonder how they got their skin glowing and for lack of better word.. flawless. Articles and ad campaigns would be awarded to carry on the mystique of miracle creams and devices celebrities swore by to achieve photoshopped perfection. Now social media has unraveled the mystique,…


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