Must Try: Abhati Suisse Shampoo Bars

Haircare is hard to get right. And if you’ve followed along with us here, you’ll know that we’ve tried it all: natural, everything-but-natural, rinses, masks, powders, creams, vinegars, you name it, we probably gave it a shot. And while there was much we found enjoyable, nothing really made us go “now this is changing things up.” So, when Abhati Suisse…



The Detox Market: Best of Green Beauty Box 2019 – REVIEW

Every year, The Detox Market puts together a box of their best of green beauty products. It’s a curated selection of their best selling products usually across categories so there is something for everyone/ every interest. My favorite aspect is the price because they manage to pack full-sized products at really great savings. This year, the box retails at $159 while the total…


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