Must Try: Abhati Suisse Shampoo Bars

Haircare is hard to get right. And if you’ve followed along with us here, you’ll know that we’ve tried it all: natural, everything-but-natural, rinses, masks, powders, creams, vinegars, you name it, we probably gave it a shot. And while there was much we found enjoyable, nothing really made us go “now this is changing things up.” So, when Abhati Suisse urged us to try their shampoo bars, we were skeptical at first. These bars which look like soap, made us think “how could it possibly work?,” especially when we’ve tried everything from French pharmacies, and technologically advanced Japanese formulas, to clean American brands. “Just try these bars, it’ll change the way you clean your hair,” we were told. So we gave it a try, and long story short: the quiet confidence of these Ayurvedic shampoo bars provided the payoff we were foretold.

What are they?

Abhati Suisse Shampoo Bars are cleanly-formulated shampoo bars made from ayurvedic herbs that aid both scalp and hair health in a pH-balanced formula that simultaneously cleanses, conditions, and restores the hair. Contrary to their resemblence to soap-bars, these are soap-free, vegan formulas that use 100% natural ingredients. They’re ultra-low waste, and long-lasting. At under $25 a bar, they’re priced exceptionally well given how little you need each wash. In fact, one bar outlasts a few bottles of shampoo and bypass the need for a conditioner. There are five varieties in total, aimed at different purposes, we tried Nanda, the detoxifying shampoo bar and Surya, the balancing shampoo bar.

How did they perform?

The first bar we tried was the Nanda Detoxifying Shampoo Bar, for no reason other than the scent of ginger and tuberose was absolutely spellbinding that we had to use it as soon as possible. This bar promises to purify, condition, and hydrate, and we can confirm it did all three well in our months long testing. Daily workouts were not a problem, and our hair was perfectly healthy without dryness even when used every day without a conditioner to follow through. There is a delightful foam, wonderful sensorial (which we’ve now come to expect from anything that comes from Abhati Suisse), and it left our hair and scalp healthier and happier. The entire experience can be described as pleasing and fuss-free. We’re converts.

Surya Balancing Shampoo Bar, is ideal for more active, or oilier hair types. It’s sensorial scent profile is lovely as well, with lemongrass and and sage which also serve the purpose of providing astringent and clarifying benefits that remove build-up, and purify the hair from root to tip. We had the best results using this on particularly active days, and as a once or twice weekly deep shampoo to renew the hair and scalp.

Overall Thoughts

Our experience with Ahbati Suisse’s Shampoo Bars left us impressed in this modern product inspired and derived by traditional ayurvedic practices. Not only is it a more wise and sustainable approach to personal care products, the fuss-free results-oriented nature of the product line is worthy of praise which is why it’s our first product review of the year. We think everyone should know how wonderful and effective these bars are. We never thought we’d be preaching about using bars for the hair, but this teaches us that many great experiences await when we open our minds. We’re encourage you give these bars a try.



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