The Alexander Wang Approved Skincare Line

When it comes to skin advice we trust the guy who looks like the definition of “your skin but better.” Luckily, fashion designer and skin muse Alexander Wang is quite generous with sharing what works for him:

“I’m a diva when it comes to skin care,” Wang admitted. “I use a lot of placenta and a lot of stuff that smells like it shouldn’t be put on your face. Things that really burn your face. Things that make your face really red, but then you wake up the next morning and you’re like, ‘Okay, I look amazing.'”

Luckily Alex shares his products on his “semi-secret” instagram, where we discovered this ‘gram of Biologique Recherche’s Placenta Serum. This brand might sound familiar for their cult P50 Lotion that editors swear by and it sounds like the placenta serum similarly follows the brand ethos of performance over comfort –  Alex captions “I lie you not…smells like 💩 but does the trick 👼🏼”

Biologique Recherche was notoriously difficult to procure but luckily there are more options now where the P50 Lotion and Placenta Serum can be purchased.

  • Jack

    I can attest this really does smell like shit and P50 is like rancid cat pee. I can’t see how anyone can keep using the products though, it burns! I am only able to use it maybe one time a week and only if I barely wash my face.

    • A lot of skincare and make up is so heavily fragranced but the actual good ingredients generally tend to not be so.. flowery and “pleasant”. While the odor can be disarming, if the results are good we generally tend to stick with it.

    • Samantha Lowe

      Hi Jack. As an esthetician who swares by Biologique Recherche and all of their products, I’ll give you 2 hints. 1. Use P50 1970 everyday twice a day. Your skin is hyper reactive and p 50 can fix that. 2. Put a few drops of water on the cotton with P50 for the first 2 weeks. After that you’ll be fine using full strength.