One of our favorite skin care staples at the GW office is the face mist. It’s instantly cooling, refreshing and hydrating. Sure, some people might swear face mists as an superfluous step centered upon what amounts to be over-priced water, however there are active and specialized mists that do a whole lot more. The best mists are made from organic, botanically…


June Office Hours: Seasonal Skincare & Summer Considerations

Is skincare as seasonal as one’s wardrobe? That’s the question I received from a reader asking if their routine should be switched out for “summerized” products. Beauty editors are tasked with producing compelling stories that grab readers and you’ll notice that each time of the year has themes that are revisited each year. “Sun protection for Fourth of July!”, etc.…


The GW Valentine’s Day Beauty Edit: Rose Edition

Valentine’s Day gifting isn’t usually the most inspired. Chocolate, jewelry and roses are the standard. But for those looking beyond the standard bouquet of roses, we have 7 rose based beauty products that look just as beautiful and can be enjoyed longer: 1. Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil  : Roses are cool and all, but Black Rose takes it to…