Superfood Spotlight: SUN POTION Anandamide Bliss Alchemy REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Our latest Winter discovery is from organic superfood line, SUN POTION, known for sourcing the most nutritionally abundant transformational foods. ANANDAMIDE is one of their superfood blends, referred to as a “Bliss Alchemy”.

Why is this important for winter? Because getting through winter can be difficult. Research has shown that everything from the lack of sun to the cold weather negatively impacts endorphin (aka our happiness hormone) levels, as well as energy levels. ANANDAMIDE is the antidote.

What is it?

ANANDAMIDE is fatty-acid neurotransmitter and it’s name literally translates into “Bliss Molecule”. Scientific research has indicated this compound can be synthesized to treat anxiety and depression. Although synthetic anandamide is available, it can be dangerous to manage. The good news is that ANANDAMIDE is naturally found in chocolate and that is the secret sauce behind SUN POTION’S ANANDAMIDE BLISS ALCHEMY which is based in raw cacao.

What’s in it?
Raw Cacao*, Tocos *, Mucuna Pruriens*, Ashwagandha*, Reishi Mushroom*, Astragalus**, Suma**, Moringa*, Rose Petals*, Cardamom*, Turmeric*, Cayenne*, Cinnamon*, Black Pepper*, Himalayan Salt Crystals, Love!*

*Certified Organic
** Wildcrafted

Note: We’ve also seen a version that includes cordyceps in the blend as well.

So here’s what’s impressive: Sun Potion’s sourcing is some of the best in the nutraceuticals industry. They work with their suppliers to create sustainable, pure plants of organic or wild grown origin. As an example of their commitment to their food source, they’re one of few companies who moved sourcing of teas from Japan to a small farm in China due to concern of radiation leaks.

In ANANDAMIDE, the ingredients are incredibly harmonizing with raw cacao and black pepper which are both high in anandamide content. Tocos is hailed as the ultimate skin food and is rich in Vitamin E, Mucuna Pruriens contains 15% L-DOPA, a precursor to dopamine that elevates mood and soothes the nervous system, Ashwagandha is a super antioxidant that reduces the effects of stress and improves vitality, Reishi Mushroom is a healing herb with stress relief and longevity benefits, Moringa relieves anxiety and stabilizes blood pressure.

With the addition of spices (meant to stimulate rather than be “spicy”), this is considered a “hot/energizing” food that makes it ideal for countering the coldness of Winter as based on traditional Indian Ayurvedic practices.

How do I use it?

Mix the powder in anything from a smoothie, coffee to yoghurt. We prefer adding a spoonful of this energizing tonic to our post-workout afternoon shake to aid in recovery and boost energy levels.

Why we love it

Beyond SUN POTION‘s stringent adherence to quality sourcing, we love the boost in energy levels and productivity that this tonic provides. ANANDAMIDE‘s blend is also seriously a good value as it contains most of SUN POTION’s prized plant foods that sell for more when packages individually so you’ll getting a masterfully blended mix of ingredients that would cost more if you purchased any single ingredient separately.

Where to buy

Sun Potion is available at AmazonThe Detox Market, Thrive Market.

*****HOW TO WIN!*****

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The contest will end Sunday, February 26th. Good luck!

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